Leadership Services 

Leadership is about people and connection: our researchers focus on uncovering individuals with leadership quality at any level, and the intellectual horse power to support growth and development. They add value to the organisation and the wider community of stakeholders which they serve.

We support companies and their leaders make the best decisions for their business when recruiting a new member in their team.

Executive Search & Selection Services

  • We offer a global and local research capability, with sector-specialist researchers
  • We focus on the leadership characteristics of potential candidates as defined by the ‘connected leadership’ model.
  • Our partners are personally involved in managing the search and selection process from end to end

Additional Services include

  • Leaders Mapping
  • Leaders Pipeline


  • Board
  • C-Level
  • C-1 Level
  • C-2 Level
  • Functional Head
  • Mid Level Manager

Industry Sectors

  • Consumer Goods/Retail
  • Transport/Logistics/ Supply Chain
  • Industrial/Manufacturing
  • Infrastructure
  • Utilities
  • Energy/Mining

Leadership development services

We embrace the ‘connected Leadership’ model as the contemporary way to look at the ‘informal’ versus ‘formal’ organisation and the leadership’s characteristics that impact on the organizational effectiveness.

In the context of a fast paced changing environment, we see organisations having to be responsive and proactive in transforming themselves to maintain or build their position in the market place. Transformation can only take place when the people get on board and together rethink and behave in a strategic and innovative way. Leadership values and practices play a critical role in creating the ‘connectedness’ and the right conditions for organizational resilience and transformation.

Our leadership development services are based on evidenced based research on development and adult learning and combined this with solid organizational and managerial knowledge and experience. We assist teams and individuals find their way and facilitate the process of change.

Team and individual coaching is effective for

  • Senior Leaders and executives
  • Performance improvement
  • Succession planning
  • Transformation/transition
  • New executive team
  • New business initiative i.e. merger and integration
  • Cross cultural management and leadership

Coaching is appropriate for

  • Emerging talent
  • Transitioning into new role
  • New employee
  • Performance issue
  • Career transition

Our programs include group facilitating workshops for

  • Strategy development
  • Cross Cultural Management
  • Negotiation
  • Change and transformation
  • Interventions on site or off site are customized to suit client organization’s and individual’s need.